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SMA America LLC
(sub of SMA Solar Technology AG)
6020 West Oaks Blvd
Suite 300
Rocklin, CA 95765
United States

Year Founded: 1981
No. of Employees: 4000
Key Personnel: SMA America: Sales Representative
Phone: 916-625-0870
Fax: 916-625-0871

Sunny Central Storage 2200-US / 2475-US / 2500-EV-US / 2750-EV-US

Grid-connected storage systems enable the integration of large amounts of intermittent renewable energy into the utility grid while ensuring maximum grid stability. The Sunny Central Storage is the central component of the SMA system solution for integration of large-scale storage systems. It is designed to compensate for fluctuations in solar energy generation and offers comprehensive grid management services such as automatic frequency control. The battery inverter is optimized for continuous operation at nominal load and temperature of −25°C to +50°C. Thanks to its wide DC voltage range, it is compatible with various types of battery technologies. The Sunny Central Storage is also available as a medium-voltage block solution.

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