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Critical Power Expo
The Battery Show
2901 28th Street
Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90405
United States

Key Personnel: Senior Manager, Relationships & Partnerships: Steven Carlisle
Phone: 833-202-3467

The Critical Power Expo

Critical Power Expo brings together the latest industry solutions and services to support every part of the critical power supply chain, and it’s completely free to attend! The show will be attended by buyers, operators and specifiers across a range of sectors including data centers, medical, telecoms, financing, manufacturing, military and government. Michigan and the surrounding states have become established as the central hub for innovative power applications, making Novi the ideal place to host the event.
Why attend?

Critical Power Expo is a free-to-attend exhibition that offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the manufacturers of back-up power technology
Network with global representatives from the entire critical power supply chain
You’ll gain a comprehensive insight into the latest critical power systems, components and technologies
Critical Power Expo provides a unique overview of the wide variety of technology available
Stay informed on the latest designs, manufacturing processes, technological advances and trends so you can manage cost and performance and give your customers what they need
Be seen at the industry’s largest free-to-attend exhibition and networking event

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