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American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
1501 M St NW
Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005
United States

Year Founded: 1974
No. of Employees: 60
Phone: 202-383-2500

AWEA Membership

Membership in the American Wind Energy Association is essential to companies in any sector of the wind energy industry. AWEA member benefits are designed to provide you with products, services, information, and opportunities to help your business advance and succeed.
You get exclusive research, data, and information on the industry’s most important topics to help you make informed decisions and help you grow your business.
You'll be at the table to guide, direct, and influence the major issues affecting your business.
You get education, access, and visibility among your wind energy peers to confirm your position as a wind energy industry frontrunner.
You get top-tier advocacy, communications, and information that give you and your business a competitive edge.

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