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The US Solar Institute
1024 NE 43rd Court
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334
United States

Year Founded: 2007
No. of Employees: 14
Phone: 954-236-4577

The US Solar Institute

USSolar and USSolar Institute are dedicated to globally leading comprehensive solar education, manufacturing, distribution and consulting services while catering too and providing professional construction management, engineering, and financing solutions for virtually any sized project or system need - Globally!

US Solar Institute (USSI) is the fastest growing professional solar PV energy training program in the country and is considered the premier Florida, Caribbean, and Latin America solar educational institute. Our curriculum has been designed by solar professionals with a real-world perspective on what you need to succeed. If you want to advance your career, or maximize your business potential in the lucrative solar segment, only the US Solar Institute’s photovoltaic and solar thermal training programs offer advantages you can use now.

US Solar Institute holds the highest level of accreditation, licenses, and certifications in the solar education and green job training industry.  USSI is a licensed Florida Department of Education Post Secondary Vocational College and offers NABCEP approved training.  Only the US Solar Institutes students earn professional continuing education credits (CEU) required for contractors, engineers, building officials, architects and real estate professionally licensed individuals in every class as approved by ANSI and IACET.  Every course earns college credit towards a degree and/or a diploma because US Solar Institute is a  Florida Department of Education licensed college/university with affiliate and articulation agreements with Degree and Vocational programs throughout Florida and the Caribbean.   

US Solar Institute is the premier and leading solar education and solar training center for Florida, the Florida Keys, Caribbean, and Latin America.  Once the skill set is mastered for design and installations in high wind and salt environments, other types become simple.   Students come from all over North America to train in sunny south Florida for all their solar educational needs.  Our weather provides an annual average temperature of 75 degrees plus we get 350 days of sunshine every year.  Why not join us in the tropics for all of your solar educational requirements?  

Our students get a world class education by licensed professional engineers, certified solar, certified electrical contractors, and master electricians who have dedicated their professional careers to photovoltaics since 1972.  Our students get prepared and are well trained by licensed professionals for green jobs and green job employment positions in solar energy, solar electric, solar panel, solar lighting, solar wind, solar generator, off grid solar, solar battery and solar power.  Call today to find out how a US Solar Institute Diploma and Certificate can help you meet your solar career and solar job needs in the ever increasing green job market.  Call toll free from inside or outside the US at – (877)-769-SOLR or (877) 769-7657

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