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Solar Fred’s Top Solar Marketing Wishes for 2014 — in Pictures

Since 2009, I’ve written down my solar marketing wishes for the upcoming new year and their bottom line benefits. If you and your team have granted my previous year’s wishes, bless your solar marketing hearts. If not, here’s your chance for 2014. As you’ll see, my 2014 wishes have a very visual message:

1) Be bold for solar. Continue your solar guerrilla marketing efforts. Other non-solar industries seem to be doing it better than us.


Bottom line benefit: You’ll go where your solar marketing has never gone before.


2) This year, let’s be everywhere our customers are

Solar on the rooftop

…on the rooftops...

Solar.Capuccino.foam_opt…in the coffee shops...


.…in the museums..

   Chateu de solar_opt…in the vineyards...…or at the beach (with a camera, of course).

Bottom line benefit: Finally, people will notice solar (and your brand.)


3) Let's stop using women for solar marketing eye candy. Instead, let’s think about how we can market solar specifically to women.

Women reading Glamour w solarDress

Bottom line benefit: You might actually reach the real home improvement decision makers. At the very least, you’re micro-targeting, and female customers will respond to solar marketing crafted specifically for them.


4) Support solar advocacy orgs and get involved. That's my wish every year, and this year it's more important than ever.

Wanted-Solar Threat

Bottom line benefit: Saving solar jobs and growing more of them faster.


5) In 2014, let’s get solar in the movies, on television, in books, and other media. Tell solar stories.


Solar Movies2

Bottom line benefit: If solar is shown as part of our everyday lives in fiction, then viewers will assume it’s a normal part of non-fiction too and get a solar quote.


6) As much as possible, have fun. But also have a point.

Bottom line benefit: You stand out, educate, plus enjoy every day as a solar marketer.

This is my last solar marketing post for 2013. Thanks for reading and all your comments this year. Wishing all my solar friends a happy and prosperous 2014. UnThink Solar.

Tor Valenza a.k.a. “Solar Fred” advises solar companies on marketing, communications, and branding. Want more solar marketing info? Sign up for the Solar Fred Marketing Newsletter, or contact Solar Fred through UnThink Solar. You can also follow @SolarFred on Twitter.



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