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Trojan Battery Company
12380 Clark St
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
United States

Year Founded: 1925
No. of Employees: 600
Key Personnel: Dir Sls Renewable Energy: Dean Middleton, Director of Sales – Renewable Energy: Dean Middleton
Phone: 800-423-6569
Fax: 562-236-3282

Trojan Battery Company

Trojan Battery Company - Energy Storage Solutions for Renewable Energy and Backup Power

As the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, Trojan Battery offers the broadest portfolio of high-quality deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel products for renewable energy and backup power applications. Having shaped the world of deep-cycle battery technology for more than 85 years, Trojan’s pioneering research, development and manufacturing experience has firmly established its legacy of applying focused engineering expertise addressing the needs of the renewable energy marketplace.



Trojan Battery Company is headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California with 600 employees worldwide and its products are distributed in more than 100 countries. Trojan’s operations include four ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing plants in California and Georgia; two advanced research and development centers dedicated exclusively to deep-cycle battery technologies; and international offices located in Europe, UAE and Asia.

By committing sales, marketing, engineering and technical support resources to the renewable energy market space, Trojan is one of the few battery manufacturers that has structured its organization to support the renewable energy market segment. The combined knowledge base of Trojan’s professional team strategically positions the company to respond to the industry’s changing needs, to support the expansion of its global customer base and to continue broadening its lineup of products.

Deep-Cycle Flooded Batteries
Trojan offers three distinct lines of flooded batteries:

  • Premium Line addresses the rigorous conditions of renewable energy applications providing rugged durability and outstanding performance.
  • T2 Line the flagship of Trojan’s product portfolio is engineered with technology designed to outperform the typical flooded batteries on the market today.
  • Industrial Linethese high-capacity batteries are engineered for renewable energy systems that require a large daily load where the batteries are cycled regularly.

Deep-Cycle VRLA Batteries
Trojan offers two distinct lines of valve regulated batteries:

Deep-Cycle AGM these maintenance-free batteries are low temperature tolerant, shock and vibration resistant. They also have a low internal resistance for higher discharge current and higher charging efficiency.

Deep-Cycle Gelsealed, maintenance-free batteries that deliver superior power in demanding renewable energy and backup power applications.

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