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SUNRNR of Virginia Inc
PO Box 102
Port Republic, VA 24471
United States

Key Personnel: Principal: Scott French
Phone: 540-271-3403

SUNRNR of Virginia Inc

SUNRNR "Sun Runner" of Virginia manufactures and sells high-quality, high-capability, green, silent, portable generator power systems that store almost 3000W renewable energy in a rechargeable battery for off grid electricity or emergency backup power.  SUNRNR started in the Shenandoah Valley in 2004 when Alan Mattichak realized the need and potential for a non-gasoline, alternative energy, portable generator, rechargeable battery, energy storage system with useful power available for remote location, off grid electricity for work, recreation, and supplemental power.

After years of engineering, testing, design improvements, and patenting, four SUNRNR models (different voltages) are now available and affordable to the public. Visit our product pages for details, purchasing information, and product comparisons to see why SUNRNR is your best portable solar energy system solution.