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Stoel Rives LLP
900 SW Fifth Ave
Suite 2600
Portland, OR 97204
United States

No. of Employees: 900
Key Personnel: Member: Bill Holmes
Phone: 612-373-8842

Stoel Rives LLP

At STOEL RIVES we’ve been pioneers in renewable energy law for nearly 30 years. With over 115 of our attorneys dedicated specifically to renewable energy and sustainability practices, independent experts consistently rate us among the top renewable energy law firms in the United States. We have represented major national and international energy developers and operators in wind, biofuels, ocean & hydropower, biomass, geothermal and solar energy projects throughout the United States and abroad. From project finance, tax and construction contracting to interconnection, transmission and power purchase negotiations – we have the experience to guide clients in any aspect of an energy project.

We also "wrote the book" on many of the sub specialization areas of the renewable energy industry, the titles of these books are: 

  • The Law of Biofuels
  • The Law of Biomass
  • Lava Law - Legal Issues in Geothermal Energy Developments
  • Lex Helius: The Law of Solar Energy
  • Lex Helius: The Law of Solar Energy (Chinese Version)
  • The Law of Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy
  • The Law of Wind
  • The Law of Wind (Chinese version) 

FREE copies of these books and legal updates can be found at

Visit our Renewable + Law blog at  

Our renewable energy expertise includes the following areas:

    • Project Finance
    • Equity Investments
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Power Marketing
    • Power Purchase Agreement Negotiations
    • FERC and State Regulatory Proceedings
    • Energy Project Due Diligence
    • Real Estate and Land Use
    • Title Insurance
    • Energy Facility Siting and Permitting
    • Construction and Design, Operations and Maintenance
    • Turbine Sales and Services
    • Transmission and Interconnection
    • Energy Regulation
    • Fuel Supply and Transportation
    • Legislation and Rulemaking
    • Taxation and Incentives
    • Litigation and Arbitration
    • Transmission Tariff Disputes
    • Qualifying Facility Litigation
    • Eminent Domain Proceedings
    • Leasing and Use of Public Lands
    • Environmental Assessment
    • Joint Development Agreements
    • Project Purchase and Sale
    • International Transactions
    • Intellectual Property and Patents
    • General Business Representation (e.g., corporate structure, contracts, labor and employment)