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Hey San Antonio! Get a Chance at a (Nearly) Free PV System!

Solar San Antonio, a local solar advocacy organization operating in and near San Antonio, Texas, is raffling off a 4.8 kilowatt solar photovoltaic array. The organization is raffling off 250, $75 tickets for a PV array valued at $16,500.

The non-profit is offering the array, which will be installed by Advanced Solar Electric, as a fundraiser ahead of its annual fundraiser and 100th birthday celebration for founder Bill Sinkin on May 17. In addition to the drawing Solar San Antonio is having a silent auction to raise funds. 

At this point only a limited number of tickets have been sold, says Solar San Antonio Research Associate Sarah Mills. The date of the drawing has not been stablished yet.  “If we sell more, we could possibly draw it a the event, if not, we’ll draw a the end of the moth,” she explains.

It’s not the first time Solar San Antonio has held a drawing for a PV array, according to Mills. Last year it gave away an array as part of its Solar Fest in October. That was a 4 kilowatt array from CAM Solar valued at $16,000. 

To be eligible, the ticket purchaser must be a CPS Energy customer eligible for the rebate. In addition, the home or business must be a good candidate for solar, where the array won’t be shaded by trees and isn’t facing north.

San Antonio is the biggest market for solar in Texas. Solar San Antonio has helped get more than 758 projects installed in the San Antonio region. More than anywhere else in the state, including in Austin.

While the organization has been successful in encouraging more solar in the region, even now it’s fighting back other issues that would make it harder for residents to go solar in the region. For instance, it’s fighting CPS Energy’s proposed SunCredit program. That program would replace the existing net metering program and reduce the rate to 5.6 cents per kilowatt hour produced by a system, almost halving it from 9.7 cents per kilowatt hour.

To enter into the raffle or learn more about solar in the area, call Solar San Antonio at 210-354-0236. 

The original article was posted on the SolarReviews blog


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