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Solar FlexRack
3207 Innovation Place
Youngstown, OH 44509
United States

No. of Employees: 100
Phone: 888-380-8138

Solar FlexRack

Solar FlexRack is the industry leader in solar mounting systems. Solar FlexRack offers a unique product line focused on maximizing labor savings on the jobsite. The Solar FlexRack unique pre-assembled unfolding design is unlike any other in the fixed tilt racking arena. Solar FlexRack also offers a flat roof mount solution and a single-axis tracking solution. Solar FlexRack also offers full turnkey installation services with its Certified Installer program. In addition, the engineering staff at Solar FlexRack can offer Geotechnical and layout design services. Solar FlexRack is a division of Northern States Metals, a full service manufacturer with over 40 years of industry experience.

Solar FlexRack is an integrated solar company that provides the most innovative racking, clip, post, tilt bracket and installation solutions on the market today.


You can take advantage of our turnkey services, in-house post and ballast design capabilities, on-site pull-out testing, available SFR field technician and certified installers.


Also FEA Analysis and RISA 3D structural analysis software. PE licensure in all 50 states and Canada. FIT compliant components manufactured in USA and Ontario. 


Solar FlexRack is a division of Northern States Metals, an aluminum extrusions firm founded in 1972.

The FlexRack Series G3L is the latest fixed tilt racking system from Solar FlexRack. This system offers the speed and ease of installation unlike any on the market today. The system ships in a pre-ass... View Product
Solar FlexRack Tracker offers a distributive drive system allowing this single-axis tracker the flexibility to maximize ground coverage ratio and be installed on more demanding sites where conventiona... View Product