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Solar Energy International (SEI)
P.O. Box 715
Carbondale, CO 81623
United States

No. of Employees: 20
Key Personnel: Executive Director: Kathy Swartz
Phone: 970-527-7657
Fax: 970-963-8866

SEI's new Solar Business and Technical Sales online course heads into 2011

Liz MerryBy Liz Merry
Solar Energy International Instructor

I may have never seen so much sharing and advanced learning taking place as was evidenced in the inaugural flight of Solar Energy International's PV206: Solar Business and Technical Sales online solar training course that ended in November 2010. The course format and varied teaching methods supported a great deal of student sharing and knowledge building. Any doubts I may have had about online learning were dispelled after seeing the education happening in PV206. I look forward to helping lead an even smoother version of the course in 2011. Click here to register for PV206: Solar Business and Techinal Sales Jan. 10

Following are a few of the comments from 2010's inaugural participants as the course came to a close:

  • "Getting into the solar business requires much more than technical knowledge. This course really dives into the business end of the equation and provides the resources, tools and framework to become a well rounded and deeply knowledgeable technical solar business professional."
  • "Essential education for all solar advocates to wish to enter the industry or improve the quality of their offering and their companies bottom line. PV206 was the most informative, well packaged, fun solar training class I have ever taken with any school. I will be sure to recommend this class to solar enthusiasts! SEI has committed instructors who are easy to work with, love what they do, and are open to new ideas. This class built a strong foundation to my future career in solar energy sales. I will use other SEI courses to build upon this foundation."
  • "SEI's PV206: Solar Business and Technical Sales course is just what the solar industry needs!"
  • "SEI's inaugural offering of its online PV 206 was well conceived, skillfully instructed and ingeniously designed to approximate a true in-classroom experience."
  • "With the launch of SEI's Solar Business and Technical Sales online course there's now a carbon-free way to receive comprehensive solar business and marketing instruction. SEI's 206 is presented by experienced and engaging instructors. And, the course is delivered in a dynamic online format which is designed to promote classroom interactions among and between instructors and fellow students."
  • "A definite must for those who don't have a strong background in starting a business!"

Are you interested in the solar business and tech sales training? Click here to register for PV206: Solar Business and Techinal Sales starting Jan. 10.


Liz Merry, M.B.A, is the sole proprietor of Verve Solar Consulting, based in Davis, California. Liz served as the first Executive Director of NorCal Solar, and Marketing Director for the Valley Energy Efficiency Corporation. She has been producing solar industry education products and services since 2001. Since 2006 Liz has been teaching workshops and courses about the solar industry such as "Solar Careers and Business OpportunitiesTM," produced for PG&E, "Solar Industry OrientationTM," produced for UC Berkeley Extension, and the "Solar Industry PrimerTM," taught at Solar Power International in October 2010. In October, Liz edited and co-wrote the "Customer's Guide to Solar Power Purchase Agreements" for the Rahus Institute, which was downloaded more than 150,000 times in its first year of online publication. Along with intense and consistent tracking of all things solar, Liz is an alumna of Solar Energy International and has completed both basic and advanced system design and hands-on lab courses.

Follow her latest advice for career seekers through "Ask Ms. Liz" at, at VerveSol on Twitter.

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