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RussTech Language Services Inc
1338 Vickers Dr
Tallahassee, FL 32303
United States

Year Founded: 1994
No. of Employees: 10
Key Personnel: VP: Dr. Michael Launer
Phone: 850-562-9811

RussTech Language Services Inc

RussTech is a full-service language company offering document translations as well as voice interpreting in most of the world’s major languages. We coordinate language services for complex long-term projects and our translation documents are known for their accuracy and readability. Our document translations are delivered electronically, interpreters can be placed anywhere around the globe.

Corporate History

RussTech Language Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 when our founders were awarded a contract by Duke Engineering & Services, Inc (then a subsidiary of Duke Energy, Charlotte NC -now Framatome, an AREVA company) to support the design and construction of a dry storage facility for spent nuclear fuel at the Zaporozhe nuclear power plant in the Ukraine. Beginning in 1995, we were approached by representatives of the United States Department of Energy with a request to provide translation and interpreting services to various national laboratories engaged in national security activities throughout the former Soviet Union. During the past fifteen years RussTech has signed multiple long-term contracts with several National Laboratories. We are proud of the fact that throughout our corporate history, 100% of all possible contract options have been exercised by our government customers.

As the nuclear non-proliferation activities of the Department of Energy expanded around the globe, our Lab customers asked us to broaden the range of languages we could support. We changed our business model, and RussTech gradually became a “full service” language company. As a result, we have been awarded ongoing contracts with the State of Florida and the State of Washington to provide translations in over 33 languages including Spanish, Haitian Creole, Chinese, Korean, and other Pacific Rim dialects. Over the past five or six years we have expanded into the private sector, completing assignments in more than 50 languages. Today, RussTech has the capability to provide translation and interpreting services in more than 100 languages and dialects. Moreover, RussTech has broadened the subject areas we cover. Although technical translation and interpreting remains our core competency, we now do considerable work in the legal arena, health and social services, and biotech/pharma.

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