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Unmatched Solar Industry Research Now Available Through Renewable Energy World

PennWell Corporation is pleased to announce that it is now the exclusive vendor of unmatched, unbiased solar industry research by solar veteran Paula Mints.


Mints has been analyzing the solar market for 20 years and holds a database of industry information that goes back to the 1970s.  Her exhaustive data and classic approach to market research is highly valuable to members of the solar industry or companies interested in entering the market.


Classic market research is the methodical observation of an industry or product, over time, using a consistent methodology and the elimination of bias, said Mints.  What is being studied is really the behavior from a supply and demand perspective of, again, an industry, product, buying group, etc. 


The longer the trend-line the better and the past matters, explained Mints. Suppliers to the solar industry such as sellers of polysilicon and other raw materials, components manufacturers of backsheets, EVA, glass, frames, junction boxes and BoS manufacturers such as inverters, combiner boxes, cables, racking and wiring companies as well as crystalline and thin film cell manufacturers benefit from using classic market research for strategic planning. 


In addition, developers and investors in the solar industry benefit from classic market research to help them make strategic decisions about where to invest their money next.  Companies considering entering the industry benefit as do government agencies including labs, universities and nonprofits. 


“SPV Market Research data by Paula Mints offers the most complete big picture view of the solar industry that I have ever seen,” said Jennifer Runyon, Chief Editor of and Renewable Energy World magazine.


Mints puts out two annual reports and a series of industry updates, called the Solar Flare. Her Photovoltaic Manufacturer Capacity, Shipments, Price & Revenues 2014/2015, available now, gives the user an understanding of how inventory levels affect pricing, how the current highly competitive situation arose and gives insight into how to survive and thrive within it. It provides an analysis of quantitative shipment, capacity, and module price data for the supply side of the terrestrial photovoltaic industry.


Mints’ second annual report Global Analysis of Markets for Solar and 5-Year Forecast describes global market demand for photovoltaic products by application, module size, incentive, region and country based on a year-long survey of distributors, system integrators, dealers, and government agencies in over 80 countries around the world. This report is designed to assist in the development of marketing strategies by identifying sales volume, application splits, and market trends for the multinational regions worldwide, including North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, as well as providing an aggregate analysis of demand by application sector.


The Solar Flare provides topical research and analysis on prices and solar industry trends. Each subscription is for 6 reports produced bi-monthly.


For a limited time, PennWell is offering Mints’ 2015 market research reports at discounted prices:


“PennWell is pleased to be collaborating with such an industry rock-star,” said Stephanie Kolodziej, Senior Operations Manager for Renewable Energy Word. “The expertise that Paula Mints can provide to our audience is a perfect fit for the world’s largest renewable energy news and information website.”