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RBI Solar Inc
5513 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45217
United States

No. of Employees: 150
Phone: 513-319-6798

RBI Solar Manufacturing

RBI Solar is the manufacturing leader for solar racking systems. Headquarters and extensive solar mounting research and development operations are based in Cincinnati, OH. RBI 

Solar has two state of the art manufacturing facilities - one in the US and one also in China to deliver our clients the most economical and premier quality solar racking structures. Our Ohio-based solar racking manufacturing facility has an infrastructure capable of fabricating 200 MW of solar mounting structures annually and has a secured a place on the list of top solar racking companies globally.

The solar industry’s most robust Solar mounting system, the flawless fit between structural posts and purlins - they not only describe the signature RBI Solar profile, they ensure the performance through severe weather conditions. It all happens at our manufacturing facility where a promising solar racking system begins to take shape. 3000 tons of steel tubing and 2 million custom aluminum extrusions are processed annually in our solar mounting manufacturing facility in Ohio.

As one solar mounting structure does not fit all the installation sites, RBI Solar manufactures all of its solar mounting systems based on project specific requirements.

With industry-leading solar mounting structures fabricated in our modern manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio - RBI Solar has an edge when it comes to giving our customers the best product. RBI Solar’s production facility at Cincinnati is spread over 120,000 sq-ft and employs roughly 100 people. RBI’s manufacturing facility is equipped with a 5-axis tube laser, CNC fabrication equipment, and 4-axis CNC aluminum profile manufacturing equipment. There are 8 experienced production team leaders and highly experienced production managers to lead our production. The manufacturing facility runs for two shifts throughout the year and during busy periods runs around the clock 24/7 to meet the project deadlines.

Our project managers oversee the entire supply chain from mill purchase through final fabrication to deliver the solar industry’s most extensive solar panel racking solutions. All structural steel is designed, fabricated and erected in accordance with the latest version of AISC “Manual of Steel Construction.” Light gauge cold-formed sections conformed to the latest version of AISI specifications for cold-formed steel structural members. Similarly all structural aluminum is designed, fabricated and erected in accordance with the specifications and guidelines for aluminum structures.

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