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RBI Solar Inc
5513 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45217
United States

No. of Employees: 150
Phone: 513-319-6798

RBI Solar, Inc. Solar Mounting Systems

RBI Solar is the only turn-key company for solar racking systems in US. We design, engineer, manufacture and install PV mounting systems for large commercial and utility scale projects. As a specialist in ground mount solar, roof mount solar, and custom designed specialty solar structures, we focus on providing best-in-class solar racking systems and project management capabilities to serve owners and integrators. RBI Solar offers a broad range of Solar mounting systems to support every PV module manufacturer.

We provide complete solar mounting solutions to solve virtually any structural mounting challenge in the solar world. All of our solar mounting systems come with a 20-year limited warranty.
Leveraging more than 70 years of experience in the commercial design-build specialty structures market, RBI Solar, works with its clients to identify the most economical, durable and robust. When working on a solar installation project we focus on the following primary goals:
Turn-Key – single point responsibility for the entire solar installation from complete design and engineering to product manufacturing and on-site racking installation
Design – RBI Solar has in-house designers and engineers registered in all 50 states to provide you signed and sealed drawings for ground mount solar, roof mount solar and custom design specialty solar panel mounting structures.
Fabrication of Solar Structures - RBI has two state of the art manufacturing facilities- to deliver our clients the most economical and premier quality PV mounting systems.
Solar Installation - the Company has contractor’s licenses and certifications to work on solar panel installation projects nationwide.
Highest Value – provides a high-quality system at an installed price that achieves a cost-per-watt installed cost that makes financial sense for our customer. Our project managers work hard to meet the project completion goals and offer you the best available solar mounting system nationwide.
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