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Panasonic Eco Solutions
Two Riverfront Plaza
5th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
United States

No. of Employees: 2500
Phone: 877-438-7881

Panasonic Eco Solutions

Panasonic Eco Solutions is a part of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, a unit of Panasonic North America and is a leading green innovation company providing customized, integrated renewable energy solutions for customers in both the public and private sectors. Panasonic Eco Solutions has joined forces with Coronal Group to deliver the first truly comprehensive end-to-end solution to facilitate the development and commercialization of solar PV projects in the commercial, industrial, municipal, and small utility markets.

Panasonic North America

Panasonic Corporation of North America provides a broad line of products and solutions for consumer, business, and industrial sectors.  The company is the principal North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic Corporation and the hub of Panasonic’s U.S. branding, marketing, sales, service, and R&D operations. A global leader, Panasonic is at the forefront of the eco-revolution, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the development of clean, affordable renewable energy.


At Panasonic Eco Solutions, we believe everyone should have access to clean, renewable energy. Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions remove barriers that once impeded projects and bring more solar installations to fruition. Panasonic’s long-term, differentiated capabilities offer an efficient and reliable platform to those companies, communities, and institutions looking for alternatives to lower their energy costs, while also reducing their carbon footprint. Together, we’re bringing solar power to light.

 Our Model

Traditional solar models often require the involvement of different third-party vendors at each phase of development.  From the start, facility directors, developers, and sustainability officials must engage with one firm for concept, one for design, another for financing and the list goes on. Partnering with a new vendor at each phase of development causes solar projects to become disjointed and inefficient, resulting in cost increases, missed deadlines, and frustration.

Working together, our dedicated and experienced team has developed a new model that brings everything under one roof. Serving as a one-stop shop for renewable energy, this streamlined, end-to-end solution provides project development, engineering, financing, construction and long-term service and maintenance backed by Panasonic. Our integrated model, offering a variety of financing options that eliminate the need for upfront capital outlays, simplifies solar, and mitigates project delivery risk for a more efficient and cost effective solution that ensures attractive and reliable benefits for decades to come. 

For more information on moving your solar project forward with the Panasonic/Coronal team, visit us at, call 877.438.7881 or email