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Navigant’s Energy Practice includes more than 300 experts focused on issues across the entire energy value chain including renewables, climate change, energy efficiency, demand response, emerging technologies, generation, resource procurement, transmission, markets, performance improvement, fuel sourcing, rates and regulation.

About Navigant

Navigant (NYSE: NCI) is a specialized, international consulting firm combining industry expertise and integrated solutions to assist companies and their legal counsel in enhancing stakeholder value, improving operations, and addressing conflict, performance and risk related challenges. The Company focuses on industries undergoing regulatory or structural change.  

Navigant’s Energy Practice focuses on issues across the entire energy value chain including transmission, markets, performance improvement, renewables, energy efficiency, emerging technologies, generation, resource procurement, fuel sourcing, rates and regulation. 

Renewable & Distributed Energy

Navigant is at the forefront in helping organizations explore opportunities in renewable and distributed energy technologies, markets, and business value. Utility and energy companies, equipment manufacturers, investors and developers, energy end-users, and government agencies turn to us for assistance in addressing questions like these:

- What is the realistic view of the future for technologies, applications, market factors, and competitors?
- What is the right strategic decision for entering the market, attracting investors or partners, or exiting?
- What approaches should we take to build renewable and distributed energy sources into our energy mix?
- How can we meet upcoming portfolio standards or leverage renewable energy funds?
- How can we make money in this business?

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Key Areas of Focus

Renewable Energy Business Issues - Several developments are driving business interest in renewable energy technology. Performance improvements, changing customer needs, environmental and other constraints on traditional energy sources, and the increasing cost competitiveness of renewable energy technologies are invigorating the industry.

Renewable Energy Technologies produce electricity from energy that is derived directly or indirectly from the sun, and include: Wind, Photovoltaics, Concentrating Solar Power, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydroelectric, and Ocean Energy.

Distributed Energy Business Issues - Distributed energy technologies received significant attention and investment in the dot-com years, but the aftermath has left some players disappointed and questioning the future. Others see this as an opportune time to enter this field, given key factors: lower cost of entering the business, technology progress, and increased interest in alternative energy.

Distributed Energy Technologies generate electricity at or close to end-user sites, and include: Fuel Cells, Gas Turbines, IC Engines, Microturbines, and Stirling Engines.

Enabling Technologies include: Interconnection, Power Electronics, Communication, Storage, and Controls.

We provide a range of services to our clients, including:

-Feasibility assessment technology integration planning
-Regulatory compliance studies
-Business planning & recommendations
-Joint venture, alliance, and M&A support
-Critical guidance on how to meet policy objectives
-Technology portfolio analysis
-Strategy development
-Strategy to access government energy funds
-Marketing strategy development
-Energy sourcing and strategy
-Guidance on renewable portfolio standards