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Lufft USA Inc
1110 Eugenia Pl
Unit B
Carpinteria, CA 93013
United States

No. of Employees: 8
Key Personnel: Vice President, Marketing: Bob Brunsman, Director of Business Development: Mr. Abraham Aguilar, Sales: Brian Meeder
Phone: 805-335-8500
Fax: 805-845-4275

Lufft USA Inc

Lufft USA manufactures precision meteorological monitoring instruments to the North American renewable energy, green building and industrial markets. The WS line of weather stations combine flexible communication with an integrated modular approach to weather sensing. Possible climate parameters include wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and solar radiation. Sensors can be installed separately or as "all in one". Let Lufft USA meet your monitoring needs.

For over 125 years, Lufft engineering systems has been manufacturing precision climate measurement instrumentation globally. Lufft continues to lead the industry with time-tested quality and innovation. During the past year, Lufft won 99.9% of tenders for road weather information systems (RWIS) either as a provider of sensors or as the primary system engineer. You can find Lufft weather stations installed today throughout Europe. Lufft now brings is high quality equipment to the Global renewable energy market.

Lufft recently introduced a new line of compact weather systems for road traffic, renewable energy and other applications.  The WS line of products offer a wide range of functionality depending on your project.  The top of the range WS600 measures temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, wind velocity and direction in one compact flexible weather system .The VENTUS and V200A wind velocity and directional sensors are ideal for wind turbine applications in either extreme cold (to -50° C)  or mild climate conditions. For more information please visit our website with links to on-line information and brochure downloads.

Data collected by Lufft sensors is easity polled with standard protocol. Lufft offers sensors with ASCII and 4..20mA analog as well as its own UMB technology. The UMB (Universal Measurement Bus) system is a new advancement in environmental data recording.  Free firmware updates and data transfer over RS232, RS485 or GPRS modem. All UMB sensors can be polled by means of a standard protocol.  Once data polling has been incorporated for one sensor, additional sensors can be added by way of easy parameterization of the data polling system. Channel-oriented sensor data polling delivers a large number of computed variables in metric and US format. Sensors can be configured, equipment tested and firmware updated with the free configuration software (UMB- ConfigTool). In addition Lufft offers a variety of software packages from data retrieval from weather stations (COLLECTOR) to web visualization (SmartView3).

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