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Contact Information
Greenpower Capital
146 N. San Fernando Blvd., Suite 213
Burbank, CA 91502
United States

No. of Employees: 9
Phone: 818 668-3100

Greenpower Capital

Greenpower Capital is an advisory service representing over $30 Billion in funds earmarked for Renewable Energy projects from 200KW to 100MW. Our team has over 30 years and nearly $1Billion in project funding experience. We can provide any funding required, including leasing, equity or debt, 100% construction financing, and acquisition at any stage.


Greenpower Capital - Your trusted capital partner in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, South America, Japan, Europe & Africa. Greenpower Capital is a capital advisory firm that has strategic partnerships with institutional investors and capital providers representing a combined $30 Billion in funds earmarked for Solar, Wind and other Renewable Energy projects. Our management team’s experience in funding and developing nearly $1 Billion in commercial real estate and renewable energy projects over 30 years provides us with the knowledge and ability to get projects funded. We can fund projects from 200KW to 100 MW.

Our JAPAN PROGRAM is a primary emphasis of the company, with over 200MW of projects under development for 2014, and a projected 300 MW for 2015. In this program we partner with local Japanese developers and provide 100% funding and EPC services, build and sell the projects, and share in the profits with the development partner.

Our EARLY-STAGE DEVELOPER BUYOUT program can pay a 3-6% developer fee, depending on the project economics. The Developer can stay in the project or opt out. Project requirements are 1 MW minimum, Power Purchase Agreement executed, Site Control, and viable proforma. 

Our LEASING programs provide small project financing for 200KW and larger projects.

Our project EQUITY AND DEBT FINANCE programs can provide the developer with Equity investment or Debt financing.

Our FULL PROJECT ACQUISITION programs are designed to purchase completed projects. Investor will contract for purchase prior to construction. For pre-construction commitments, construction funds can be advanced in most cases, with final take-out purchase at COD. Project should be shovel-ready with similar requirements to the Early-Stage buyout requirements, plus interconnect agreement, system design, EPC contract and necessary approvals. 

Submissions can be emailed to and we will respond quickly with any further information required, and provide regular status updates.

Visit us at: