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46090 Lake Center Plaza
Suite 109
Sterling, VA 20165
United States

No. of Employees: 100
Phone: 703-657-0090


GreenBrilliance is a vertically integrated, end to end alternate energy services provider. Our goal is to provide clean, renewable solar energy at an affordable pricing. We are founded on the principle of a sustainable future. We educate our customers in solar and its implementation and provide them the opportunity to contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help reverse global climate change. We believe that an educated customer is our best customer.

About Us Our corporate mission is to make solar energy affordable for the grassroots level consumer by tightly securing, owning and managing the supply chain, thus accumulating cost savings to pass on to our customers.

GreenBrilliance, headquartered in Virginia, USA, is a vertically integrated, end-to-end alternate energy services provider. Though our subsidiaries GreenBrilliance LLC (USA) and Green Brilliance Energy Private Ltd. we provide clean, renewable solar energy at an affordable pricing. As a solar energy services company we:

1. Manufacture solar modules,
2. Distribute and install these modules,
3. Generate solar power, and
4. Provide long-term service and maintenance.

Our manufacturing subsidiary is a strategically located, state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2008 facility in India with a fully automated production line. Our module sizes range from 185 Wp to 270 Wp and are IEC 61215/IEC 61730 certified for global markets. We work very closely with the builders and architects to provide them with our state of the art BIPV modules as well.

When a solar power system exchanges hands between the manufacturers, distributors, installers and service providers it ends up losing its cost viability and system accountability. All energy production issues become the responsibility of the customer who purchased the solar power system with up-front capital outlays or through lease agreements. GreenBrilliance is committed to make solar energy services an affordable alternative to traditional energy sources. We make getting solar energy easy for you through:

* High-quality, low-cost, self-manufactured certified solar modules,
* GreenBrilliance distribution centers in India, Europe and USA,
* GreenBrilliance installation services in the India and Mid-Atlantic region of the USA, and,
* Being a single source provider of integrated solar energy services for our customers.

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