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Geothermal Resources Council
PO Box 1350
Davis, CA 95617-1350
United States

Year Founded: 1970
No. of Employees: 6
Key Personnel: Executive Director: Steve Ponder, GRC Office Manager - Memberships & Meetings: Estela Smith, Dir Comms: Mr. Ian Crawford, Office Associate - Bulletin & Roster Advertising: Anh Lay, Librarian: Brian Schmidt, Graphic Designer: Chi-Meng Moua
Phone: 530-758-2360

One Week to GRC's Recent Advances in Geothermal Geochemistry Workshop



Due to popular demand the capacity has been increased. Register now for this in-demand workshop.


A two-day workshop, Recent Advances in Geothermal Geochemistry will be held on the campus of the University of California, Davis, July 19-20, 2012. ~ Agenda

Speakers include: Bill Bourcier (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Bill Glassley (University of California, Davis), Paul Hirtz (ThermoChem), B. Mack Kennedy (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Joseph Moore (Energy & Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah), Mark Reed (University of Oregon), Gene Suemnicht (EGS Inc.) and Robert Zierenberg (University of California, Davis).

Just $200.00 for GRC 2012 Members, Non-Members $250.00, and Students (with valid Student ID) $50.00.

There is limited seating for this event so sign up early. More information.....


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