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Geothermal Resources Council
PO Box 1350
Davis, CA 95617-1350
United States

Year Founded: 1970
No. of Employees: 6
Key Personnel: Executive Director: Steve Ponder, GRC Office Manager - Memberships & Meetings: Estela Smith, Dir Comms: Mr. Ian Crawford, Office Associate - Bulletin & Roster Advertising: Anh Lay, Librarian: Brian Schmidt, Graphic Designer: Chi-Meng Moua
Phone: 530-758-2360

Geothermal Event! Places Available on GRC Annual Meeting Field Trips From Reno

There are still places available on two field trips from the 36th GRC Annual Meeting being held at the Peppermill Resort Spa in Reno, Nevada. The two trips are both on Saturday, September 29.

Ormat's Steamboat Geothermal Power Plant Complex

Saturday, September 29                (Pre-meeting, 1/2 Day)             Cost: $45 per person

 Located at the south end of the city of Reno, Ormat's Steamboat Geothermal Power Plant Complex produces over 86 MW (net capacity) - enough renewable energy to meet the residential electrical needs of the City of Reno.

Steamboat Hills

The tour will highlight the unique geology associated with the Steamboat basin and range and the Steamboat geothermal power plant complex including the state-of-the art Galena III recuperated integrated two-level unit. Knowledgeable field trip guides will provide expert commentary during the trip.

Morning tour: 8am – 11am



Behind The Scenes: Manufacturing ElectraTherm's Green Machine

Saturday, September 29               (Pre-meeting, 1/2 Day)            Cost: $ 30 per person

Field trip participants will tour ElectraTherm's Green Machine which generates fuel-free, emission-free electricity from low temperature waste heat (190-240°F) utilizing Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technologies. Tour guests will get an inside look at the manufacturing plant, where the Green Machine is tested, assembled and shipped to customers around the world.

ElectraTherm employs approximately 50. In 2011, President Obama visited ElectraTherm to host a town hall meeting. The President spoke to the audience of 425 in the manufacturing plant. In 2010, ElectraTherm moved its headquarters to a 53,000 sq. foot facility in Reno from Carson City, Nevada. That same year, ElectraTherm was awarded approx. $1 Million from the Department of Energy to optimize technology for geothermal applications, including oil & gas wells.

ElectraTherm currently has 17 machines in the field and more than 31,000 hours of field run time. Trip is offered in the morning and afternoon. Space is limited on each tour, so sign up early.

Afternoon tour: 1:00pm – 3pm, meet at the Tuscany Ballroom Foyer by 12:30pm



In addition to the half-day field trips there will be over 65 hours of technical sessions; over 50 poster presentations; two 2-day workshops; 5 off-site field trips, 7 on-site tours, over 160 exhibitors at the GEA Energy Expo, and numerous hooks and slices at the GRC Annual Charity Golf Tournament and priceless networking opportunities.

Register now as part of the GRC Annual Meeting


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