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Fronius USA LLC
Fronius International
Solar Energy
6797 Fronius Dr
Portage, IN 46368
United States

No. of Employees: 3500
Phone: 219-734-5500
Fax: 219-734-5500

Fronius USA LLC

Fronius – A Global Leader in Quality and Sustainability

Fronius has been researching new technologies for converting electrical energy since 1945. Along with the Solar Energy division, Fronius is also world-renowned for its battery charging systems and welding technology. Outstanding products and services such as the Fronius SnapINverter Generation, Grid-Connected PV Inverters, System Monitoring and the unique Fronius Service Provider program make the Fronius Solar Energy division the quality leader in the world market as well as a model of sustainability.

Distinctive. Innovative. Value Driven.

Fronius USA loves to enthuse and inspire customers with innovative solutions. In a world ever-changing with technology, this step-forward sets them a part from competitiors, and helps to build a foundation for lasting and sustainable advancements. Fronius is a company in which community is key: they value each other as much as the products they produce. Learn about the company and discover why many across the globe choose Fronius.

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