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EcoFasten Solar
289 Harrel St
Morrisville, VT 05661
United States

No. of Employees: 50
Key Personnel: Mktg: Kelly Player, Mktg: Jolene Ciosek, Sales and Customer Service Representative: Addie Webster
Phone: 877-859-3947
Fax: 888-766-9994

EcoFasten Solar

EcoFasten Solar® designs, engineers and manufactures patented, watertight solar roof mounts and components. As an industry leader, we work closely with leading solar developers, racking system providers, roofing manufacturers and commercial installation companies. Utilizing our patented compression technology, our products are known as some of the fastest attachment points in the industry. Commercial, residential, new or retrofit, we have a solution for every roof type. All of our products are made in the USA using recycled materials.


Bridging the Gap

To mount a solar panel to a roof, you need to know as much about the roof construction as you do about the panel function. In fact, you need to know more. EcoFasten Solar® is the company that utilizes practical experience and combines it with innovative solutions, quality manufacturing principles, the commitment to using recycled materials in the production of watertight roof mount systems, while offering it with the highest level of customer service possible. EcoFasten Solar is the company that was born to bridge the gap between the people who design the solar panels, and the people who install them.


Support of Renewable Energy

Following decades of experience in the roofing industry, Vermont-based manufacturer Alpine SnowGuards® evolved its business significantly, and through this growth, EcoFasten Solar was born. As the industry leader in solar roof mount systems, EcoFasten Solar is committed to the support of renewable energy.  We work closely with leading solar developers, racking system providers, roofing manufacturers and commercial installation companies to ensure straightforward solutions that are watertight, versatile, simple and secure. 


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