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Blattner Energy
392 County Road 50
Avon, MN 56310
United States

Year Founded: 1907
No. of Employees: 100
Phone: 320-356-7351
Fax: 320-356-7392

Blattner Energy

Blattner Energy is your single source for expertise.


The Blattner Family of Companies builds on more than a century of collaborative construction solutions. As an EPC contractor, Blattner consistently exceeds expectations with a steadfast commitment to client service and satisfaction.

From pre-construction to commissioning, Blattner gets the job done by providing the flexibility needed to reach critical commercial operation dates for your power delivery construction project. Power Delivery Capabilities :

  • Solar

    A top-tier EPC contractor in renewable energy construction, Blattner delivers value in every phase of your solar power generation project. Solar Capabilities :

  •  Wind

Thanks to its unmatched construction expertise and a collaborative approach to wind energy construction, Blattner is a recognized leader in the wind market. Wind Capabilities :