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New York City's Barclay Tower Takes a Step into the Future

By Kathy Yang - Associated Renewable, Inc.

Published: October 12th, 2012


On October 3rd, Manhattan welcomed its first battery-based, intelligent energy storage system to power a luxury residential high rise. The 58-story Barclay Tower is located at 10 Barclay Street in Manhattan and is the flagship property of Glenwood Management. The energy storage system installed on-site, the JouleSystem, was developed by Demand Energy Networks and will provide Barclay Tower with 225 kilowatts (kW) of power with 2 megawatt hours (MWh) of stored energy capacity. This smart storage of alternative energy means that the next time New York City suffers a black-out, the residents on 10 Barclay Street will still have their lights on.  

‘Intelligent energy storage’ is an emerging technology whose potential presents itself as a viable possibility for the future of not only New York City’s electrical grid system, but for those of cities worldwide. The JouleSystem is the first step to a complete restructuring of the delivery of electricity. Such intelligent systems enable the electrical grid to become more adaptive and more efficient. One crucial component of the JouleSystem is that it allows electricity end-users to coordinate with the grid which ultimately yields to increased energy reliability and volatile cost management. It works against volatility risk by storing energy during off-peak hours when rates are low and then releasing this stored energy during peak hours when rates can be very high. Rates can skyrocket during peak demand periods, but storage systems like the JouleSystem offer a way to effectively cap costs. The upward fluctuations of our energy demands add significant strain to our generally inflexible energy supplies. Thus, in order to achieve a sustainable future, necessary alterations must be made to our aging grid infrastructure.

Intelligent energy systems like the JouleSystem integrated in the Barclay Tower can lead to an overall more intelligent energy future. Large commercial electricity users like Glenwood Management are paving the way to broad acceptance of smarter energy storage technologies. The unveiling of the JouleSystem in Barclay Tower is a landmark in the journey to a more energy efficient and sustainable future.




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