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Contact Information
Associated Renewable
1370 Broadway
5th Floor
New York, NY 10018
United States

No. of Employees: 30
Phone: 212 444 8215

Associated Renewable

Associated Renewable, Inc. is a leading end-to-end full service energy consulting & carbon management company. The company offers custom energy efficiency solutions, leveraging renewable energy technologies to help clients deploy their projects, meet regulatory requirements, and cut energy costs while reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Its clients comprise of office & commercial properties, local & federal governments, manufacturing & industrial facilities, ESCOs, utilities, schools and other businesses. Headquartered in New York City, the firm specializes in energy efficiency solutions, supplying and implementing renewable energy technologies, providing energy training and offering complete project financing options.

The firm’s Energy Solutions practices are focused on two main areas: energy efficiency and renewable energy. Its energy efficiency services include energy auditing, energy benchmarking, commissioning & retro-commissioning, HVAC system optimization, retrofit implementation, building energy management, energy infrastructure updates, cogeneration (CHP) consulting and other energy management solutions. With regards to renewable energy, the firm’s services include verification & monitoring of energy usage, energy conservation, renewable energy project consultation, market feasibility studies, energy performance management, LEED green building certification, energy modeling and corporate sustainability. Other products and services offered by Associated Renewable include solar power & heating, commercial boilers & chillers, concentrating solar power (CSP), wind turbines, commercial & industrial lighting, electric vehicle charging, biofuels, tidal energy, hydroelectric, waste energy, water management and other energy technologies.

Associated Renewable was founded in 2010 and has additional global headquarters in Europe (London, UK) and Asia Pacific (New Delhi, India).


Associated Renewable's areas of expertise are:

I. Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Consulting .

II. Product Sales, Installation & Support Services.

III. Carbon Management (Carbon Offset & Carbon Trading)

IV. Training & Education Services.

V. Energy Supply



Associated Renewable offers comprehensive services for Local Law (NYC) compliance, a set of mandates passed by Mayor Bloomberg & the City Council to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and decrease harmful emissions in large buildings. Buildings account for 40% of total energy use and targeting this sector will ensure that New York City reaches the Mayor's 'PlaNYC' goal of 30% GHG emissions reduction citywide by 2030.

Local Law 43 (Clean Heating Fuels):

Local Law 84 (Energy Benchmarking):

Local Law 87 (Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning):

Local Law 88 (Lighting Upgrades & Sub-metering):