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Appalachian State University Energy Center
ASU Box 32131
401 Academy St
Boone, NC 28608
United States

Key Personnel: Outreach Manager: Janet M
Phone: 828-262-8913

Appalachian State University Energy Center

The ASU Energy Center brings together a cross-disciplinary team of researchers in political science, technology, business, chemistry, physics and geography to perform research and other services in the area of emerging energy technologies.The annual workshop series provides continuing education and training opportunities to bring you the most up-to-date technologies in the building science and renewable energy fields.

The Appalachian Energy Center (AEC) at Appalachian State University conducts energy research and applied program activities in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, forecasting and modeling, economic development, and policy analysis in a multi-disciplinary environment that leverages the expertise of faculty, staff, and students from across the University as a resource for private industry, local, state and federal governments, and non-profits. Through its outreach programs and research, the Appalachian Energy Center provides benefits to communities and citizens across the state, including the creation of new jobs and businesses, and increased investment and income.

Appalachian Energy Center Workshops

Program Staff: Janet Miller, Workshop Coordinator

The annual Appalachian Energy Center Workshop Series is back, offering continuing education and training opportunities. Appalachian State University staff and national experts have teamed up to bring you the most up-to-date technologies in the building science and renewable energy fields. Our workshops are designed to help you build your knowledge and stay competitive in the green job market.We hope you will join us for these exciting workshops in the beautiful North Carolina mountains!   

North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance

Program Staff: Jeff Tiller, Chuck Perry, Janet Miller

The North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance (NCEEA) was established in 2010 as a state-funded non-profit organization with the goal of supporting energy efficient and third party certified construction in NC. The NCEEA is dedicated to educating all the various stakeholders in the home building industry about the benefits of constructing energy efficient homes and buildings.

Alliance members include home energy raters, home builders and renovators, commercial contractors, architects, engineers, utility providers, real estate brokers, appraisers, and mortgage lenders. The NCEEA strives to address market barriers in the building industry that will ultimately help the consumers and contractors benefit from a healthier, more comfortable home and better built structures.

The Alliance provides education and training resources for each of the parties involved in the home building industry, including workshops, access to professionals, and printed publications and resources.  Click here for more information about the Alliance.

Community-based Landfill Gas Projects

Program Staff: Stan Steury, Jason Hoyle, Joey Mosteller

The CommunityTIES Project is a partnership program operated by the Energy Center at Appalachian State University that assists communities throughout North Carolina with development of valuable local energy resources - specifically renewable energy in the form of landfill gas - in economically constructive ways. The program began in late 2006 and was modeled after the highly acclaimed and award-winning innovative community-based EnergyXchange Renewable Energy Center, located at the Yancey-Mitchell County landfill.

 EcoComplex Biodiesel Facility

Program Staff: Jeremy Ferrell, Jeff Ramsdell

Appalachian State University with partner Catawba County operates a modular biodiesel research and testing facility located at the NC EcoComplex, an eco-industrial park centered on the Blackburn landfill in Newton, NC.  The goal of the EcoComplex is to facilitate synergistic public and private partnerships that minimize waste and optimize the recovery and utilization of energy and materials.  The goal of the EcoComplex Biodiesel Facility is to serve NC and regional biodiesel producers and encourage the development of integrated and distributed biorefineries through research, educational, and outreach activities.