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AllEarth Renewables
94 Harvest Ln
Williston, VT 05495
United States

Year Founded: 2005
No. of Employees: 34
Key Personnel: Dir Comms/Public Affairs: Andrew Savage
Phone: 802-872-9600

AllEarth Renewables

AllEarth Renewables, Inc. designed and manufactures the dual-axis AllSun Trackers - affordable, complete grid-connected solar electric systems that produce up to 45% more energy than fixed rooftop systems. AllSun Trackers vastly simplify system design, supply chain management, installation and maintenance for systems large and small and was named a Top-10 green product of the year by BuildingGreen. AllEarth Renewables was named the fastest growing company in Vermont in 2010 and 2011.

AllSun Tracker Perry Hill

AllEarth Renewables is the designer and manufacturer of the AllSun Tracker, a complete grid-tied, dual-axis solar electric system that uses GPS technology to follow the sun, producing up to 45 percent more energy than fixed rooftop systems. Made in the U.S., the ground-mounted solar tracker system is designed for residential and commercial-scale installations. Its simple, durable design and complete, self-contained system pallet simplifies costly procurement and installation time, allowing for easy shipping directly to the installer or job site.
The tracker has an industry-leading 10 year warranty and 120-mph wind rating, automatic high wind protection, and can withstand harsh winter climates with superior snow shedding. It was selected as a top-10 green product by BuildingGreen Magazine in 2012 and was listed as one of GreenBuildTV’s top 9 Green Building Products of 2013. As the nation’s leading dual-axis solar tracker company, AllEarth Renewables has over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy industry and has installed over 2,700 AllSun Trackers throughout the country.

Utilizing the rails of the tracker’s frame, the pallet and AllEarth Solar Tracker system vastly simplifies supply chain management and installation by including the entire tracker and materials necess... View Product View Product